In January of 2016 we significantly revised this tab.  Now you will find a few paragraphs explaining Geocaching near the top, followed by a link list of relevant posts we have made on the main page.  

What is Geocaching? Per the official website: “Geocaching is the real-world treasure hunt that’s happening right now, all around you. There are 2,775,063 active geocaches and over 15 million geocachers worldwide.”  Something a bit more detailed from Wikipedia:

Geocaching /ˈˌkæʃɪŋ/ is an outdoor recreational activity, in which participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world.

A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook (with a pen or pencil). The geocacher enters the date they found it and signs it with their established code name. After signing the log, the cache must be placed back exactly where the person found it. Larger containers such as plastic storage containers (Tupperware or similar) or ammunition boxes can also contain items for trading, such as toys or trinkets, usually of more sentimental worth than financial. Geocaching shares many aspects with benchmarking, trigpointing, orienteering, treasure-hunting, letterboxing, and waymarking.

If interested, the official Geocaching Guide/FAQ page is a good starting point.  Here is a (hopefully) growing collection of posts from our main page related to the subject, followed by some of our original comments on geocaching before we changed the format:

Some entries we made before shifting them to separate posts on the main page:

12/19/15 Back at Sanibel, with the intention of eventually clearing the whole Island.  Almost a year ago I mentioned that Sanibel Island had a very high density of geocaches, many suitable to be found via bike.  So we are back, and I have started working my way around the isle, hoping to eventually clear the whole land mass, at least of the traditional caches.

2/5/15 Grayton Beach State Park and five: A bit of light biking and we found five along the easy bike trails.  The only one that gave us trouble was tied inside a thorny hedge row. Devious!

2/3/15 Florida Caverns State Park was tough! We found three traditional caches without too much difficulty, but attempting our first multi-legged cache gave us fits! We solved the puzzle to the final way point but ran out of time and could not actually go to it before we needed to head back to the Big Kahuna.  Maybe next year!

1/31/15 A Dozen at St George Island State Park: We cleared the whole park and loved this place; the 12 geocaches were fun to hunt down, including our first “virtual” cache involving an email to the place confirming we had solved it right.

1/24/15 Wow I expected Wekiwa Springs to have more but we only hunted down one. Alexandria Springs in the Ocala National Forest was much better, we pulled six within a mile or so of the park.  It would have been fantastic to go after this series though: Geocaching _ Geocaching Maps Ocala Yin Yang

1/19/15 It has become an obsession: One cache picked up as we leave an interstate Cracker Barrel and another three in Deltona while Rosie is visiting friends. Yes Honey, I just wanted to go out for a little drive, have fun with your friends…

1/14/15  The density of Geocaches on Sanibel Island is absurd! Granted, we don’t have a lot of geocache experience, but in the few places we have hunted we encountered nothing like the sheer number of readily accessible caches such as what we encountered on Sanibel. With less than four hours of actively looking we cleared 15 finds, including a particularly clever hide that took at least 40 minutes to find.  Sanibel is particularly bike friendly, and many of these caches are positioned right on the various bike trails.   So any geocachers out there, make Sanibel a priority and clear the whole island.  Below is a map of just the eastern half of the island, the smiley faces show the ones we found today: Geocache Sanible Island East side

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