Happy 2023 New Year Everyone!

We have completed our run from the northwest corner of the country to the southeast, from Alaska to Florida, culminating in our arrival in Florida Keys two days ago, and just in time for the new year. The day of our arrival was also our eight-year anniversary as full-time RVers. That’s right, back in 2014 we officially retired shortly before Christmas, and two weeks later we began our new life in the same place we return to nearly every winter: the Navy campground on Sigsbee Annex in Key West, FL.

We have had just enough time to reunite with a dozen old friends from past Sigsbee stays, remind ourselves of some of the wonderful aspects of this place that keep bringing us back, and also encounter some of the less-than-ideal features of the base and campground that you just have to live with. While the location is fantastic, the weather beautiful, the water magnificent, and the friends numerous, there is also the chaos of the campground check in, the ever-present generator noise, and the seemingly random policy changes every year we return. It can’t all be unicorns and butterflies!

Now that we are settled in to one place for two full months, we will have time to tackle many of our delinquent projects, not the least of which is beginning the long road towards catching this blog up. We will pick up where we last left off (about to enter Alaska in August) this week. We hope you all had a great start to your 2023!