Our Last Week in Asheville Before Heading South

In mid October we got word that the campground would be closing the glamping tents November 2nd, a full week earlier than we expected. Even after the last guest departed there would be enough legitimate work to keep us busy, and thus justify our compensation, into the next weekend, but after that we would either need to leave, start paying for our campsite, or pick up duties consistent with the other camp hosts. While unexpected, this actually worked out quite well for our plans, giving us early an extra week to work our way back into Florida before beginning our scheduled two months in Sanibel in late November.

With the cold and rain in late October, our colorful leaf canopy has mostly disappeared.

So we spent part of that last week closing down the tents: stripping laundry, storing all linens in the designated shed, and moving the tent accoutrements (lamps, fans, coffee pots, brooms, pillows, etc) into winter storage. All of which was in preparation for the contractors that would soon remove the furniture, mattresses, and actual tent canvas, while leaving up the elevated wood platforms and frames until next spring.

A whole lot of laundry awaiting our organizational efforts.

We also had to get ourselves and our equipment ready for travel after nearly three months of idling. This meant checking tire pressure, batteries, tow equipment and the like, but also getting things stowed away and secured for rocking and rolling down the road. After three months of spreading ourselves out, that last item involved more than a little effort.

A crucial step in the getting ready for the road process. PKM loves this part.

Of course, we took some time to continue our “Goodbye to Asheville Regional Tour” as well. After months of cross scheduling, we finally were able to meet up with our RV friends Jen and Deas of Nealys on Wheels, bloggers we followed long before we finally started meeting up, first in The Florida Keys and later on the California Coast. They have since shifted from full time RVers into a sticks and bricks home after renting and then buying a place in Asheville. Fellow fans of craft beer and breweries, they recommended the excellent Zillicoah Beer Company, another great Riverside Arts District establishment that also had a fantastic on site food truck provided by Taqueria Muñoz.

The onsite managers, Jim and Dianne, hosted a farewell dinner up near the lakeside group gathering area for all of the hosts and employees. Catered by Luella’s, a local BBQ place, it was one of the few times during our stay that the entire crew was able to gather at leisure. We feel quite fortunate with only our second work camping experience; aside from the wonderful location, reasonable work requirements and fair compensation, we had great management and welcoming coworkers to boot.

In addition to Zillicoah, we made one last visit to Archetype Brewing, the every weekend perpetual yard sale ear the campground, and the wonderful Western North Carolina Farmers Market a couple of miles up the road. We also continued casual mushroom hunting, but the seasons have clearly changed and we weren’t yet adapt at finding late fall and winter fungus. We did, however, stumble across this falconer training his bird in our now nearly empty camping loop.

Finally, we pulled in our hydraulic levels, slide outs, outdoor decor and utility connections and headed out. We did not go far at all that first day, just half an hour up the road to Black Mountain to spend one night in brother Jason and Emmie’s (and Chalupa’s) driveway.

This being our third visit, we were becoming near experts at managing the low phone wire, steep entry way, and lengthy back down from his street. We celebrated our last day in North Carolina with a take out brunch from Louise’s Kitchen, the wonderful comfort food restaurant they had introduced us to during our last visit.

Backing down Jason and Emmie’s entry road because driveway and road grade makes it practically impossible to turn around until we reach the main street.

So that is it for North Carolina. Next up: back to Florida, with a few stops along the way.

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