70 Months Full Time RVing: October 2020 Report

The Distance: Just like in September, zero miles while we remained at Lake Powhatan. Total for the year is still 2,481 miles. November will see us back on the road.

This is a closeup of the underside of a Blue Indigo mushroom Rosemarie found.

The Places:  We spent all of October at Lake Powhatan outside Asheville, so 31 days in a public (national) park, and all of it with full hook ups.

The Budget: Even better than last month’s 50% under: for October we were 59% below budget! The same factors applied as well: free campsite, a paycheck, and no RV gas. November will be a lot tighter since we will be back on the road, paying for RV parks, and no longer getting that extra work camping paycheck.

The Drama and Improvements:  As mentioned in our September addendum post, we got Rosemarie’s Ukulele back from Mom and Tim’s neighbor Thomas, repaired and ready to play. I restrung a couple of our accordion style pull up mini-blinds as well, but nothing significant.

Next up: Our last week in Asheville. (Yes, I know I said this was next up at the end of the last post, but I forgot about the monthly report, and I usually like to keep these things in order.)

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