A Bit More from our September at Lake Powhatan

Having remembered a few more details and found a few more crucial photographs from the month, we were faced with the prospect of either editing and adding to our two September posts (edits that would likely go unnoticed by our tens of readers) or just putting up an addendum. We have chosen the latter.

Back in that first September post we told the tale of Mom and Tim’s visit to Lake Powhatan’s glamping tents for a two day stay, and yet could not prove, at least with photographic evidence, that it actually happened. So here is a relevant picture from that time. Granted, I don’t have them actually sleeping in a tent, but I assure you it happened. The weather was a bit brisk, but we still made it down to Lake Powhatan’s lakeside “beach.”

Back in Spartanburg we suffered a bit of a tragedy when I managed to partially smoosh Rosemarie’s lovely ukulele while opening a rear slide. A local luthier in Black Mountain quoted us a repair price well in excess of the uke’s purchase cost. During our trip to Wilmington in July, however, Mom and Tim’s neighbor, Thomas, a part time and highly skilled instrument repair craftsman, offered to take a hard look at getting the uke back to playable condition.

Two months later Tim presented us with exactly that: a fully functional, structurally sound uke with nothing but cosmetic remaining issues. The before picture does not show the real extent of the damage and subsequent repairs; the lower portion, the side perpendicular to the face, was partially crushed, and needed extensive reinforcement and repair. Thomas delivered for such an affordable “friends and family rate.” Now we just need to get back to unlimited free wifi so Rose can take advantage of her Fender.com online lessons.

Next up we move on to October: the leaf changes, mushrooms, and other local preoccupations.

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