Deeper into the Mountains: One week in Waynesville, NC

Continuing or “seek relief from the summer heat in the mountains” plan, we left Black Mountain headed west towards Tennessee with a one week stay at at private resort in Wayesville, NC.  Rosemarie found this town while googling fun places to see in Western North Carolina, and then I narrowed down our RV park options.  Honestly, there were three well rated options with comparable fees, and we settled on Creekwood Farms RV Resort based upon the photos.


Creekwood Farms is a great little private park with full amenities located on a swift running stream with a couple of small tributaries running through the park.  Management rules with an iron fist, thus you might run into “flexibility” issues, but you won’t run into misbehaved guests or run down facilities either.  We thoroughly enjoyed both the park and the nearby town of Waynesville for our one week stay.  2-mountains

By our standards the place is not cheap (apparently this is a tourist area, though I can’t determine if that is because of the quaintness and desirability of Waynesville or the proximity to Asheville.)  The discount on the weekly rate came out to $48 a night.  We thought there might be an additional military veteran’s discount, but no, only one discount applies, and the weekly rate is that discount.  3-pkm-bw

The sites were not large or filled with greenery like we enjoy, but they were full hook up, cute, and included cable TV.  The park itself has multiple points of swimming, tubing, and fishing access to the stream running along the back side of the property, and during non-COVID pandemic times offers nice clubhouse and social amenities as well.  4-site

The stream running behind the park made for fun wading and relief from the heat, and we enjoyed watching the gaggles of kids tubing, swimming and generally enjoying the water.  While not exactly a crystal clear mountain creek, it had its charms, and we took advantage on the handful of rain-free days we had in the park.  5-creek-rose

Waynesville is a very nice mountain town chock full of artsy little shops, cafe’s and restaurants.  Obviously the current coronavirus situation has put a damper on lots of these, but we were still able to enjoy several afternoon’s strolling the hilly main streets.   while enjoying several boutique stores, one brewery, and one restaurant (both with outdoor seating and strong mask compliance for the staff.)  We can confidently recommend Frog Level Brewery for the ales and ambiance.  6-brewery-2

We look advantage of our time in Waynesville to do a bi of geogaching, concentrating on hitting some supposedly high difficulty caches.  One tiny magnetic cache mounted to a large art sculpture in town gave us a bit of an interesting hunt before we finally located it.  7-geocaching

Next up: Tennessee!






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