66 Months Fulltime RVing: June 2020 Report

The Distance: 332 miles once we left Sanibel and worked our way north through Central Florida into the northern part of the state.  2020 total mileage is up to 786.  1-june-route

The Places:  We spent 23 more days at Perwinkle Park in Sanibel before finally heading out.  We had three days at Wekiwa Springs State Park, then one night at Trimble Park near Mount Dora, and ended the month at Gilchrist Blue Spring State Park.  That’s 23 days in a private park and 7 in public parks (6 state, 1 county.)  We had full hook ups for 26 days and partial (power and water) for 4.  2-sanibel-palms

The Budget: Like last month, we were significantly over budget again: 17% this period.  Which is a bit frustrating because our daily camping fee was significantly lower than the previous two months since Perwinkle Park started charging out of season rates on June 1, bringing their average daily fee on a monthly rate down to $33.50 from nearly $48.  Wekiwa, Trimble, and Gilchrist were even lower ($29, $23,and $21, respectively.)  Also, we did not have to spend a dime on gas for the big rig since we had filled up shortly before arriving in Sanibel.


Rose on her B-Day: Pretty fantastic for 55…

The problem was a failure on our part to keep things well reigned in (we have gotten a bit looser with our spending after three months in COVID semi-isolation,) a complete lack of market and/or vending opportunities to pad the budget, plus two or three significant and only semi-expected major expenditures.  We finally had to replace Rosemarie’s iPad after nursing it along for years with a wonky screen, a full brake pad and rotor job for Loki, plus a new battery for the tracker as well.  Take away the either the iPad or the Loki improvements and we would be slightly under budget.  Ah well, there will always be things like this that need doing.


…meanwhile, here’s PKM and me.

The Drama and Improvements:  We continued our electronics upgrade plan with a new iPad for Rose, a no-cost scrubbing of her Macbook’s files to open up a lot of space and extend its life, and the aforementioned brakes and battery for the Tracker.    5-gator

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