65 Months Fulltime RVing: May 2020 Report

The Distance: Zero miles again as we extended our Sanibel stay into June.  We expect actual mileage for next months report, but our 2020 total remains 454 miles. sunset

The Places:  Once again, we stayed the entire month at Periwinkle Park in Sanibel, which means 31 days in a private resort with full hook ups.  We love this place, and don’t regret extending our stay, but we are really looking forward to getting on the road again, even if it is a much more conservative summer of travel than the past five years.


#205, our site at Periwinkle Park for three full months.

The Budget: 20% over budget this month.  More than half of which was a financial fee for moving some things around that will, over the course of the next year, more than make up for that cost, but for now, it is what it is.  High in season rate park fees and a lack of market opportunities continue to really effect our budget, but we are thankful we still have our pension income, and recognize we are not nearly as bad off as those who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic induced economic recession.


A respectable shell haul from one of our beach runs.

The Drama and Improvements:  Nothing to report this month.  Next month’s report will have some of both.  rose-beach


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