64 Months Fulltiming: April 2020 Report

The Distance: 0 miles while we sheltered in Sanibel, FL.  2020 total remains at 454 miles.


How about a sunset pic at the start of the post rather than symbolically at the end per our usual?

The Places:  The entire month we stayed at Periwinkle Park in Sanibel.  We really love this place, and even with heavily limiting our activity, we still enjoy this place quite a bit.  So that is 30 days in a private resort with full hook ups.


Periwinkle Park as two duck ponds with man variants of wing-clipped, exotic ducks.  Apparently the owners used to really be into ducks.  Though the exotic population has dwindled, regular, native species regularly enjoy the park, like these mottled ducks.

The Budget: Almost 45% under budget! I know, right?  Yeah, it was the stimulus checks, without which our high daily camping fee rate, bills still flowing in from our party days last month, and the complete lack of market opportunities to pad our finances would have left us a hair over budget. 


Pad Kee Meow really likes this park as well.  The rabbit population has exploded, and they don’t seem to be used to domestic cats.  No worries, I am holding the lead so she cant actually reach the silly thing. 

The Drama and Improvements:  Aside from a global pandemic, not much drama to report.  As for improvements, there was Rose’ bike refurbishment project, and we undertook another small part of our long term electronics upgrade plan: we finally mounted, connected up, and programmed our new smart TV to replace the old one in the bedroom.


The duck ponds have a mated pair of swans as well.

Next up: more pandemic projects and crafts.


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