60 Months Fulltiming: December 2019 Report

The Distance:  665 miles during our big “inverted J” route from Sanibel to Central Florida and down to Key West.  Our total for 2019 ended up a bit shy of 10K, ringing in at 9,940 miles.


I dunno, might be more of a lower case “g”

The Places:  We spent the bulk of December in Sanibel at Periwinkle Park and Campground before beginning our furious race around the state to visit friends and family.  This started with a few hours in Venice to have a pre-Christmas dinner with Gloria, Jerry, and Baby Jerry before heading up to Central Florida for two days at Blue Spring State Park.  2-hr-5

Christmas morning we packed up and parked the rig near Aunt Judy’s for the big family brunch, then sprinted down to Coral Springs to spend a few days with Xavier and Joy.  We had a one night stop in the Nieves’ family driveway in Cutler Bay before finishing off 2019 with our New Years Eve drive to Sigsbee Campground in Key West.  Whew, a furious final week.


Some of our shell haul goes towards these in progress Mermaid Crowns, a good market item.

During December we spent 22 days in a private resort, 2 days in a public (county) park, 6 days with family and friends, and 1 day in a military campground.  We had full hook ups for 22 days, electric and water for 2 days, electric only for 5, and dry camped for 2.  4-jack-heron

The Budget:  23.2% under budget!  I am honestly astounded given that we spent 22 days of the month at one of the most expensive places we stay, didn’t deny ourselves very much while in Sanibel, burned through a good amount of gas during our furious holiday sprint around the state, and also had traditional holiday expenses.  But since I only just now, 2 1/2 months after the fact, did the actual budget math, I had forgotten how fantastic two of the markets we worked that month were. 5-judy-3

The Koreshan State Park Craft Festival and the German American Society Christmas Festival ensured we would be well under budget, and a substantial gift from a relative added to the surplus.  Oh yes, and Rose won $130 at the casino.  This major budget victory also pushed us 1.6% under budget for the year, something I was doubtful was possible after our November numbers.  6-nieves

The Drama and the Improvements:  Nothing significant to report. 7-rose-selfie

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