59 Months Full Timing: November 2019 Report

The Distance:  517 miles bouncing back and forth from the southern portions of the Gulf Coast and Central Florida.  We are up to 9,275 miles in 2019. 1-nov-route

The Places:  During our three weeks in Central Florida we spent the weekdays in some of our favorite places (Trimble Park near Mount Dora and Blue Spring State Park in Orange City) and weekends at our “go-to-everything-is-full” campground, Lake Monroe Park or Twelve Oaks RV Resort.  Finally we headed south to begin our month long stay at Periwinkle Park2-img_0119

During this time we had 20 days in public parks (11 in state and 9 county) and 10 in private resorts.  We had 10 nights with full hook up and 20 with electric and water. 3-dscf4562

The Budget:  A bit more than 19% over budget, unfortunately.  A $1,348 repair bill simply can’t be overcome by some modestly successful markets, particularly when cap off the month with eight days in our most expensive park of the year.


This tree was in our South Beach apartment for a couple of years, never growing more than 8′ tall.  We planted it in Xavier and Joy’s yard just before we started full time RVing, and now after five years look at the size of this coconut bearing thing!

The Drama and the Improvements:  After a great round of repairs with Mr Mobile RV in October, things have been great: no weird hydraulic issues, the stairs work, the water pump is quieter, etc etc.  So I was pretty pumped and ready to continue the improvement trend when I was approached at one of our markets by wind shield repair representatives.  For those that do not know, Florida insurance law mandates full coverage of all windshield cracks over a certain size with no rate increase.  I am not going to go into the issues now, but after five reschedules and clown-like management, we still do not have the windshield fixed.  Once it is actually fixed, I will relate the horror story. 5-img_0055


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