58 Months Fulltiming: October 2019 Report

The Distance:  1,708 miles as we finished our sprint to the East Coast in Virginia, then down to Florida, where we bounced around between Venice and Central Florida.  This brought our 2019 total to 8,758 miles.  1-route

The Places:  We had a few days in Virginia Beach to see Linda and family before turning south for a visit with Mom and Tim in Wilmington, NC.  After a one nighter in Florence and a two day stay at a the military campground in Kings Bay, we returned to Florida and enjoyed four days at Gilchrist Blue Springs, with Cousin Robb, Colleen and the twins coming over from Gainseville to hang with us. 2-pkm

We totaled up 7 days at military campgrounds, 4 at a state park, 6 at private resorts, and a whopping 14 in the homes of family and friends.  This gave us 8 days with full hook ups and 9 with partial (electric and water.)  3-img_4845

The Budget:  A little better than 6% under budget.  Spending nearly half the month with family and friends and a budget bolstered by a very successful market really helped to compensate for the big gas bill associated with over 1,700 miles.  4-dscf4484

The Drama and the Improvements:   Mr Mobile RV knocked out a slew of repairs and improvements for us this month: water pump replaced, hydraulic problems resolved, automatic stairs fixed, under storage lighting rewired, roof spot sealed, and our tow receiver extended and a bike rack welded on.  Whew, hoping for no drama until we get back to him in March. 5-img_4754


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