Maine! Phippsburg, Bath, Boothbay Harbor

Four and a half years of full time RVing through 48 states and 5 Canadian provinces means we get to answer the “what was your favorite place” question a lot.  Aside from our winter home in Key West and other Florida faves, our usual answer is something along the lines of “We can’t narrow it down to one place, but we really loved Nova Scotia, Washington’s Whidbey Island, Idaho’s Salmon River, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and Coastal Maine.  Yes, I know, they are all north of The Wall, but we have the advantage of visiting them only during the late spring, summer, and early fall.


It was definitely campfire weather this stop.  Our spacious site on the edge of the woods.  

These are destination spots for us, and thus no eastern circuit of the US will fail to see us in Maine, and hopefully Nova Scotia and the U.P. as well.  We included all of them in our 2019 route planning, and the first week of June we finally made it back to Meadowbrook Camping Area in Phippsburg, ME.  We first discovered this great park in the woods back in 2016 as merely a place for me to hang while Rose was visiting relatives in Virginia.  But the location, price, amenities (on site lobstah pound!) and general ambiance brought us back in 2018.  We both loved it enough to make it our first stop in the state this year.


Rose discovered her new favorite drink, Woodchuck’s pear based cider.

During May, June, September, and October they honor the Passport America 50% discount rate, which we means we were paying $24 a day for full hook ups in a spacious site.  The have a pool, free wifi, hiking trails, fishing ponds, a paint ball arena, and more.  Did I mention the on site lobstah pound?  They have that as well, steaming your crustacean or clams to order at a great price.  The lay out of the park offers two sections depending on your preferences: the field with no trees to obstruct your satellite TV, or the wooded hill with every site under a canopy.  We chose the latter.


Splurged on two for my last lobster meal at Meadowbrook.

Phippsburg itself is tiny, but we found plenty to keep us occupied in the region.  Aside from the three dinners we enjoyed on premises, we also found Bisson’s Center Store, the bodega/convenience store that had the shockingly good pizza last year: order it with extra cheese for a decadent experience.  Bath is just a few miles away with plenty of restaurants, shops, and Bath Brewing that, in addition to excellent pale ale, serves a mean burger with bacon-onion jam.  4-pizza

Boothbay Harbor is only a half hour drive, and we love that area.  We headed there twice during our six day stay, hitting the farmers market, two breweries, and Kaler’s, the restaurant/bar we patronize during every visit.  The market is small, perhaps 15 vendors, but we had a wide variety of choices for cheese, baked goods, and veggies. 5


We first came to Boothbay Harbor with Linda (while she and Jayson were stationed in Maine) on a cold rainy day years before Rose and I were RVers.  We sought refuge in Kaler’s.  One our fond memories from the region, and we keep coming back. 

Footbridge Brewery had opened within weeks of our arrival, and the crew there were really fun, as well as providing excellent beer.  Boothbay Brewery has one of the coolest building interiors we have seen in a craft brew place, and has really gone out of there way to appeal to RVers: they have five RV sites with hook ups, though they are a bit pricey.


At the time of our visit, this was Maine’s newest craft brewery.

We incorporated some geocaching into one of our Boothbay trips, and I did a handful more in Bath while Rose manned the laundromat.  The dozen we did this first week of June is more than we did the first four months of the year, so we are starting to really get back into it.  I also have half a dozen or so “trackables” (small trinkets with a registration tag that lets you log them in and see where they have been, which for many is thousands of miles of travel) from Florida that I have now started dropping off in some of these northern locals.  See this post if you have know idea what I am talking about.  7-trackables

OK, still three weeks behind, but that will change after our next post detailing our Triumphant Return to Ellsworth and Bar Harbor.  8-fire-feet


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