53 Months Fulltiming: May 2019 Report

Diligent attention to maintaining this here blog over the last month has resulted in us closing the gap from six weeks behind to just over three.  I hope to report we are completely caught up by the next monthly re-cap.

The Distance:  1,503 as we worked our way over to and up the East Coast all the way to Rhode Island.  I suspect the real mileage is a we bit higher due to our trail and error maneuver to avoid NY, which I could not possibly recreate on google maps   Total for the year has climbed to 2,482 miles, and w are right on track with our 2019 Plan.  July will be another big mileage month for us as well.


Really moving now!

Places:  We finished our last few days in Wekiwa Springs State Park before hitting our last Florida location, Gilchrist Blue Springs to see cousins.   We truly began our move up the East Coast with three stops near even more friends and family as we passed through Georgia, The Carolinas, and Virginia.  We started with a short stop to see Fred and Donna in Savannah, five days in Wilmington with my Mom and Stepdad, and five more in the Norfolk Region around the ALS walk.  This got us about half way up the country.  We closed out the month with a longer than expected stop in Dover, Delaware and a hard push around NYC to get to Portsmouth and Newport, Rhode Island.


Me in Gilchrist Blue Springs’ second spring.

We spent the majority of the month, 17 days, in military campgrounds, along with 7 in state parks, 2 in private parks, and 5 with family.  We enjoyed full hook ups for 16 days, partial for 10, and the luxury of a non-moving house for 5.  Aside from the heavily subsidized military campgrounds, we received a 50% Passport-America discount for two nights.


Team Linda at the ALS Walk.

Budget:  3% under.  Not much, but we will take it.  We were able to counteract the significant increase in our gas expenditures and social costs of visiting family and friends (so many restaurants) with conservative campground fees; our daily park costs for the month averaged a hair over $22.  We also benefited from vending at our first event two months, Bower’s Beach Buccaneer Bash.  We remain under for the year, but expect June to be a budget challenge.


Implements of destruction and their result. 

The Drama and the Improvements:   Little to report.  I have figured out a method to make our stairs work pretty consistently until we get back to Florida so Mr Mobile RV can replace control unit.  We also are managing an ongoing problem with our rear slide wanting to creep out while driving under certain conditions.  It’s slow, maybe two inches per hour, but it’s annoying.  Rose’s ER visit certainly fits in this paragraph, along with our urgent research to find accommodations after learning of the new “no overnight parking” rule at the Savannah Visitor Center and our stressful efforts to get around New York City.


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