Lucking into a full week stay at Bahia Honda State Park

In an ideal world we would hit Bahia Honda immediately after leaving Key West every year and maybe follow that up with a stay at Curry Hammock State Park as well.  We came pretty close to this ideal in April.  Our vaguely planned departure date from Key West had originally been mid March, but an international travel opportunity caused us reevaluate our options, and look at staying a couple of weeks longer.  Once that change occurred, we were checking the Reserve America website every day for any cancellations at either Bahia or Curry, but only managed to find a single day available in the time period we had available. bridge-day

Then our friends Rusty and Charito developed truck problems and had to cancel their reservations at Bahia Honda.  They contacted us to see about orchestrating a carefully timed “we cancel and you snatch up the days” online action.  Which we did, and that combined with yet another cancellation from some stranger allowed us to string together a full week there.  Perfect!


Can you tell this place makes Rose happy?

While we will take Bahia Honda under almost any circumstances, we are particularly enamored with the fifteen or so water front sites.  Fortunately, the last half of our stay was in one of these coveted numbers, really capping off a lucky set of circumstances for us.


Our site from the Overseas Highway nearby

We spent our days enjoying our fantastic ocean front views, swimming and snorkeling in the protected bay, and when the wind was right, checking out the Atlantic side as well.  Almost every evening we joined a conch blowing group at sunset near the overpass, which was nice as you start to actually know your neighbors and the volunteer staff when you see and speak to some of them each day. us-at-conch-blow

We made several outings around the lower and middle keys, hitting the Moose Lodge on  Big Pine several times, eating at a nice little pizza-by-the-slice parlor there as well, and driving up to marathon for a hair cut, some shopping, and a bit of geocaching.  This was a great way to start our post Key West travels. bridge-sunset

6 thoughts on “Lucking into a full week stay at Bahia Honda State Park

  1. Hi Jack I thought I would respond to your post because the reason I find you was because of my frustration with Reserve America. I say your 2016 post about inability to get sites. We have been trying since December daily to book and have been unsuccessful in doing so. Many many phone calls to RA allows gets the same answer, “it’s a lottery” I don’t believe that BS for one second. Someone is hacking this system somewhere and is getting early access. I’m not going to give up my quest to get to the bottom of this and if I do I will pass it on. Thanks for reading my rant Len Therrien Sebastian FL

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    • Yes, I believe now as I did then that a couple of different people have written a program script, essentially a hack, that grabs up sites at the most popular places on behalf of their client, who has paid for this service. I was approached by one of their people while in Long Key State Park with contact info and, iirc, prices for the service. The only way we ever get reservations at Bahia Honda or Curry is by looking for late cancellation in the weeks leading up to our desired stay, and by being flexible about when we stay. Good Luck.

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