Georgia! Snellville and Wanee Lake

I made the run from Arnold AFB in Tennessee to Snellville, a town on the outskirts of Atlanta, parked the rig in Marissa and Ray’s yard, detached Loki, and make it to the Atlanta airport arrivals lane just in time to pick up Rosemarie as she was coming out of the terminal.  Perfect!  Last time we visited I parked Serenity beside the driveway, which has a pretty steep grade, making it very difficult to get even close to level.  This trip we opted for the front yard: plenty of space, quite level, apparently not against the neighborhood rules, and easier to get back onto the street when it was time to leave.

There followed three days of family time with cousin Marissa, Rey (her husband,) Titi Clarivel (grandmother,) Annalise and Sara (daughters,) with Betsy (mom) and her teen children Gabriella and Gami stopping in regularly.  We celebrated my birthday on our first evening there, complete with a cake and candles, and on our second we had a big barbecue cook out with way too much food, though not nearly as much as we had over purchased during our last visit.  We would end up leaving with a lot of leftovers from the event plus some of Titi Clari’s dishes to boot.

I did a bit of geocaching, Rose got to catch up with family, and next time we stop in we hope we can do it on a weekend when Rey isn’t having to work all day and then come home each evening to visitors crashing his pad!

Accurate in every way.

From Atlanta it was on to the tiny town of Ashburn in south Georgia for a five day stay at Wanee Lake Golf and RV Resort.  This place has been on our short list of best value RV campgrounds ever since we stumbled across it two years ago during our return run to Florida.  We now make it a regular part of our route planning.  When we stopped in earlier this year, new ownership had just purchased the property and were beginning upgrades.

At the time we worried how much prices would go up, and now we have our answer: three nights on the Passport America 50% rate is $19.50 ($16 in 2016),  additional days for PA members are $35 (which is 10% off, in 2016 they were $24, i.e., 25% off,) the weekly rate is $200 (previously $140,) and monthly is $500 ($425 in 2016.)  For that you get full hook ups (50 amp power, water, sewage) in a spacious, pull through site, and discounted golf.  Specifically, unlimited walking golf, or $13 for an 18 hole round with a cart.  If my notes from 2016 are correct, that is actually a price drop from $16 for the golf cart use.

Somehow deleted our Wanee Lake photos except the sign as we were leaving. 

So yes, prices are up a bit, mainly for those extra days beyond the Passport America three and the weekly/monthly rates, but the improvements are quite noticeable.  The course itself is in much better shape and getting better every month with ongoing projects.  The remaining facilities are moving in the right direction as well, e.g., the pool looks nearly brand new after some extensive renovation this summer.

Wanee Lake also hosts Tuesday and Thursday evening 9 hole best ball scramble events for $5 plus the $8 cart fee, which are quite fun with all skill levels welcome since they let the best players pick teams based on known handicaps.  I played 45 holes plus both scrambles while there, and my scores are dropping: I broke 50 on a couple of 9 hole rounds, something I have not done since picking the sport back up on 2016 after a 15 year hiatus.  

Any down side to the place?  Well, I seem to recall the wifi actually working the last time I was here, and it most definitely does not work now.  The owner is engaged, but is just not sure he can get their provider to improve the situation since they are so far down the data line.  Also, our blog entry from our first visit stated that they do not have any blackout dates or restrictions beyond the three day max for Passport America, whereas now they only accept it out of season (April 15 through October 15) with holidays and special event weekends excluded.  Lastly, I had an extremely unpleasant run in with one very obnoxious drunk.  Speaking with the owner and management the next day, I am confident this will turn out to be an aberration; they were convincing in explaining how hard they are working to make the place family friendly to all visitors.  Enough said, we’ll be back. 

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