Wanee Lake Golf & RV Resort: new ownership, changes afoot, still a great deal

After stumbling across Wanee Lake Golf & RV Resort in 2016 as we made our way back towards Florida, I made a point to put it on the priority stop list for any future route that took us through south Georgia, and indeed we stayed for a few days a year later during our return trip south as well.  In those years, for $16 a night on the Passport America rate, you not only enjoyed a pull through, full hook up spot (with free wifi in some sites) but you also had unlimited golf on their 9 hole course.  And after the three day PA 50% rate expired, they still honored a 25% off rate for additional days.  For those reasons we called Wanee Lake one of our best value parks in both the 2016 and 2017 year end reviews.

Upon securing our reservation this year, we learned that the resort has new owners, and that the prices have gone up a bit for pretty much everything: RV site fees, club membership, even the domestic beer in the club house.  The RV Passport America rate now leaves you paying just under $21 a night after taxes (still very reasonable) but they have extended the PA 50% off to up to seven days vice three.  This still includes unlimited walking golf (cart rental is extra). 

Wanee Lake rate sheet.

New ownership means change, and the other RVers and club members I spoke with were generally quite positive and hopeful.  I had the opportunity to meet and talk with them, , and I share that optimism.  The impression I gathered was that the previous managers had let conditions, particularly on the golf course, degrade, and that the new owners had already taken noticeable steps to get things back on, er, course.   In addition, they have purchased new equipment and started some major renovation and construction plans. 

Our spacious grassy site, full set up for outdoor crafting.

This is a long way around to me saying that as it currently stands, Wanee Lake is still one of the best value parks we have encountered, and should the prices we were charged this year remain generally in place, the ongoing improvements will make it an even better bang for your buck deal.

First tee hole viewed from our site.  I have mostly likely just hit an egregiously bad shot.

I played at least nine walking holes every day, plus both the Tuesday and Thrursday evening scrambles.   Rose used this five day stay to work on various crafts and reorganze her jewelry and other crafting equipment.  Visitors to Wanee Lake should keep in mind a couple of things: the town of Ashburn is a quaint and quite little place that is not exactly a destination spot; you are coming here for the value and golf, not the excitement of an exciting metropolitan area.  Also, Turner County has blue laws, i.e., no packaged liquor is sold there, and even packaged beer and wine sales are prohibited on Sunday, so plan accordingly!

Next up: our plans for the rest of the year.