39 Months Fulltiming: March 2018 Report

And just like that we are now only one month behind in the blog, and expect to close that gap decisively in the next few days.

The Distance:  192 miles, 2 of which were between dry and full hook up spots in Key West, with the remaining 190 miles coming as we left The Keys for Coral Springs.  The annual mileage is up to 833.  April will really see the miles start to build as we meander through and out of Florida.

The Places:  NAS Key West for four weeks and then two days at Xavier and Joy’s.  That means 28 days in the military campground, and two nights in relatives houses.   We enjoyed 15 days in full hook up, and 13 dry camping, and 2 in a house.

The Budget:  After two months nicely under budget, March saw us 9% over.  Four factors contributed:

  1. We only had two markets, and they were kinda of busts.
  2. Our round of annual medical treatments started producing the expected bills.
  3. We really denied ourselves nothing, hitting the restaurants with far great regularity than usual, and even springing for an entire case of wine.
  4. We had an out of town wedding, and those always cost a bit.

We are still well under for the year so far, though the next few months will be a budget challenging as we begin our travels North.

The Drama and the Improvements:  Last month we moved forward on improvements to our inside decor.  This month we worked our annual maintenance on Loki and the big house generator.  We also learned, after more than two years of living in this rig, that our water heater, for some reason, runs off the house battery electrical line and can kill those batteries in short order.  One more thing to monitor when we are not hooked up!

And here are our 20172016, and 2015 annual summaries which include monthly report links.

9 thoughts on “39 Months Fulltiming: March 2018 Report

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