37 Months Fulltiming: January 2018 Report

Continuing our effort to catch the blog up.

The Distance:  641 miles as a result of my round trip from Coral Springs to Wekwa Springs State Park, followed by our run down to Key West Naval Air Station.  This starts out the year with miles than I had expected, but February will have nearly zero since we will be remaining in Key West into March.

The Places:   I started the year in Wekiwa Springs while Rose remained in Coral Springs with family.  We split up the drive to Key West with a parking lot camping night at the Cracker Barrel in Homestead/Florida City.  Then it was on to our winter home for the past four years, Key West, where we learned things had changed quite a bit in the wake of Hurricane Irma. We stayed state parks for 4, military campgrounds for 25, parking lot for 1, and a family house for 1.  We had 17 days with full hook ups, 13 dry camping, and that previously mentioned night in a house.  I’m using my nights rather than Rose’s to keep consistency and simplicity in the accounting.

The Budget:  A great start to 2018 in which we finished nearly 14% under budget, due in large part to the subsidized low cost campground fees at NASKW and the seven market days at events in Key West, Stock Island, and Sugarloaf Key.

The Drama and the Improvements:  Very little to report in this area.  Our market preparation is better than it has ever been with a few minor purchases made in December and the addition of a third small display table.  We secured an on base post office box for the entire year which has made mail receipt far easier, and because of that, we bit the bullet on rejoining Amazon Prime.  We will reassess next January to see if we keep those subscriptions.

And here are our 20172016, and 2015 annual summaries which include monthly report links.

11 thoughts on “37 Months Fulltiming: January 2018 Report

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