Head South, Middle Aged Couple! To Coral Springs, and Beyond.

With five days left in the year and our stay at Wekiwa Springs complete, we repositioned back to Lake Monroe County Park for our last two days in Central Florida before heading south to Xavier and Joy’s house in Coral Springs.  While at Lake Monroe we made a final run to those stores to which we would not have access once we reached The Keys (Harbor Freight, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Walmart) in order to gather supplies, mostly crafting and jewelry making items, for the bulk of the winter.

Tiaras for mermaid crowns

Once again, we took I-95 rather than the overpriced turnpike, and our timing was such that we encountered pretty light traffic until the last ten miles of interstate driving.  We parked the rig in Xavier and Joy’s driveway, as far to the left as feasible (as befits my politics, heh) such that our cars also fit in the drive.  We are even able to put out two of the three slides in this position, so long as we mind the palm tree.

Our timing had been largely defined by Rosemarie’s sister Melissa being in town from NYC: they would be able to spend a week together before we all went our separate ways for another season. 

There was also an excessive amount of football watching.  I don’t enjoy watching solo all that much, but in the company of others I get quite enthused, so it was nice to be able to watch several great bowl games with Xavier and others.

Watching the Orange Bowl

Rosemarie also finally got to start learning her way around her Cricut machine.  For those unfamiliar, this is the latest crafting craze; a machine that allows drawing, cutting, and scoring of a wide variety of materials from thin paper up to leather, using downloaded images or creations of your own design.  For example, here is our logo applied to a T-Shirt Rosemarie’s sister Dolores made for us. 

Next up: December Monthly Report followed by 2017 in Review, marking our third anniversary full time RVing.

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