35 Months Fulltiming: November 2017 Report

The Distance:  375 miles, all in Florida as we bounced around the state.   Our mileage for the year is now up to 10,076, and we don’t expect to put more than a few hundred on the odometer in December.   The next three months will be a big mileage slow down for us, but with our Key West plans still unknown, we might be doing a bit more driving than last winter.

The Places:   After a couple more days at Wekiwa Springs State Park we spent a week at Lake Monroe County Park, one of the few places on our Central Florida short list that we could still find weekend openings.  Rosemarie spent a good portion of the Lake Monroe time up in Virginia for another visit with Linda and family.  We then took advantage of a robust Passport America deal with Orange City RV Resort for a six day stay, and finished off our Fall Central Florida time with four days at Blue Springs State Park.  Then it was time to head south to Coral Springs for Thanksgiving and more, where we stayed with Xavier and Joy for 10 days with Serenity parked in their driveway.  Finally, we closed out the month with a one day stop at Naples RV Resort, positioning ourselves for a pair of weekend markets.

We had 7 nights at private resorts, 10 in a house, and 13 at public campgrounds (6 state, 7 county.)   This gave us full hook ups for 9 days, partial (power and water) for 11, no drycamping at all, and 10 days of “it doesn’t matter because we are in a house.”

The Budget:  We really killed it this month, finishing more than 22% under budget.  A combination of ten markets, ten days without campground fees, and only one fill up for Serenity made November a great budget month.  Technically, this puts us in striking range to actually be on budget for the year, though I doubt this will happen even with solid market performances in December; it’s the holiday season and we have a lengthy stay at our most expensive RV resort planned.

The only manatee we saw while at Blue Springs State Park.  They were some supposedly there, but they spent most of their time a bit further down stream than we could see, apparently.

The Drama and the Improvements:  Nothing nearly as exciting as last months various problems to report.  I had a bit more electrical drama with Loki’s starter which required me to take apart the battery connection cable and wire brush it thoroughly, we improved our under belly storage on Serenity, and stripped out all of the tracker’s water damaged  carpets.

PKM researching something.  Something nefarious, no doubt.

2017 monthly reports to date:

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