Through Georgia Into Florida: Wanee Lake and Grand Lake Golf Resorts

Had there been any openings at Dobbins other than the dry overflow spots we probably would have lingered a day or two, but lacking a real site we continued south, stopping at one of the best value RV spots we have found in nearly three years on the road:  Wanee Lake Golf & RV Resort in Ashburn, GA.  They honor Passport America’s 50% off rate for up to three nights, and still offer 25% off beyond that.  So for $16 a night we had full 50 amp hook ups, somewhat usable free wifi, and unlimited walking golf on their 9 hole course (there website says its $18.75, so not sure why they only charged us $16.)

I managed to fit in 27 holes during our stay, along with a good amount of time on the chipping and putting green trying to regain some semblance of a short game.  Rosemarie joined me for the walk on day two, and helped me find a strikingly large number of lost balls near one of the water holes.

I even participated in the Thursday evening scramble with about 20 other players, a best ball format with picked teams and five buck entry from all, with the winning team splitting the pot.  Fortunately I was put on a team that in no way takes the event seriously, and I was able to contribute particularly in the short iron and putting department.

The evenings were chilly enough to justify a fire, and one afternoon a casual conversation with other women in the laundry led Rosemarie to mention her jewelry making, which resulted in two of them coming down that evening to make some purchases.  While not quite as odd as the near accidental sale I made in a commissary parking lot months ago, we certainly welcomed the opportunity to make a few more bucks during an expense heavy month.

Though all sites are full hook up and pull through, the RV park is fairly basic in terms of decor: a grass field near the first tee box.  And though the pool and hot tub were closed for repairs while we were there, I nonetheless consider Wanee Lake to be one of the very best value parks we have visited, but only for those that enjoy golf.  I look forward to incorporating it into our exit route from Florida in the late winter or early spring of 2018.

After Wanee I-75 took us into Florida where we pushed as far south as Citra, a bit beyond Gainesville, to Grand Lake RV & Golf Resort.  Last year we stayed there for a couple of nights out of convenience, and stumbled into a community wide yard sale that allowed us to set up our tables and vend right in front of the RV.  We maintained contact with the resort and slightly adjusted out return to Florida date in order to take advantage of this year’s event, which was even more successful for us than the previous one.

PKM scored a practically brand new scratching post, harness and leash for $1.50 at the yard sale.

Though this is a golf resort, I didn’t fit in a round: we had other things going on during our two day stay and they did not have any sort of deal like Wanee Lake offered in terms of free or steeply discounted rounds.  Maybe next time.

So there it is: we have made it back to Florida, and will spend a month or so in the central part of the state before heading down to the SW and SE coasts for several weeks.  We are still formulating our plan for the bulk of the winter after Christmas since the campground at Key West Naval Air Station is closed with no solid opening date.  We shall see!

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