A new spot in the UP: Munising

A shorter than usual post just to close out the month of September.

Having spent nearly three weeks in Grand Marais, we decided to check out another part of the UP for what we hoped would be our final week in the region.  Not that we don’t love the place, but we are pushing our luck with seasonal weather and would like to get south before the first freeze.  Having driven through Munising several times, it looked like a nice town, right on the lake shore, bigger than Grand Marais, smaller than Marquette, and having several nice features to make it perfect for our needs.

Another great U.P. location on the shore of Lake Superior

Like Grand Marais, it has an affordable “first come, first serve,” municipal RV campground right on Lake Superior.  Munising City Tourist Park has a rate structure that runs from $25 a night all the way up to $39 for the premium, full hook spots closest to the beach.  We selected a $31 site with 50 amp and water one row back from the lake.  Though we arrived in rainy and windy weather, since then we have had beautiful days.

Our spacious site at Munising City Tourist Park.  The electrical and water connections can be a bit confusing and tough to reach, but a great park.  First Come First Serve after September.

Munising also has a Moose Lodge, which we had stopped into for a drink last week on our way back from Marquette.  Now just a few miles from it, we were able to participate in the Friday evening fish fry.  We chose to split the mixed basket, which included white fish, perch, and walleye, of which the latter was the clear winner by our votes.

One of the other great things about this place is that puts us only 45 minutes from the Marquette market that has been so successful for us.  This removed the need for a hotel stay in town, and a good thing too because we were running a bit low on points for that program.  So on Saturday morning we woke up early and headed back to Marquette for another market; our participation there has really pushed our budget back on track this month.

In lieu of yet another picture of the Marquette market, here is a cat. Which we almost never post.

We had another fantastic day with excellent, if chilly, weather.  This time I got to the mushroom guy while he still had shiitake and wine caps in addition to the oysters.  As we have enjoyed ever increasing success at this event, we have become more willing to spend some of the profit with our fellow vendors.  This time we treated ourselves to some warm bread pretzels, a ham and swiss pinwheel, an entire quart of the shrooms, and did so despite having sold almost nothing the first hour or so.  Because, as mentioned last post, our sales come with the lunch crowd, and sure enough we enjoyed a bonanza, again breaking our sales record for a single event.  As advertised, we donated 10% of our sales to help some people in Puerto Rico deal with their recovery.

I’m thinking about tossing this on top of the RV and bringing it back to Florida.  It would look great as the centerpiece in a big aquarium.

So we closed out September on a great note, our six market having allowed us to live a bit richer than our normal routine and still finish the month well under budget.  Since then we have finally gotten definitive word on our replacement refrigerator, and foresee the first full week of October as our last week in U.P.  All of that after our September Fulltiming Report.

Sunset from the shore.

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    • Thanks for the feedback Don. You are the second person to report that they mysteriously came back. No idea what happened or allowed it, just glad its working for you. I will be posting another “can you see the pictures” post in a week or two after I have finished uploading and fixing the links for 2016 and 2015 pics to see if the problem is resolved for everyone.

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