Recovering from the Photoshop picture hosting fiasco? You tell us…

As you many of you noticed, on July 13th all of our embedded pictures going back to April of 2016 stopped showing up on the blog.  It turns out that Photoshop, with no notice, suspended third party hosting on anything but there ultrapremium ($399 a year) memberships.  Since that time I have spent hours trying to fix the broken picture links by hosting them on Google Drive, and establishing the new embed links to the blog.  I am hearing mixed reports, so please: tell us what you are seeing.  Since making the last adjustment I have heard from one commenter that says its working fine, another that says it still isn’t working, and a third that says it works if you go direct to the blog, but does not work if you go through our facebook post.  I’ll make it easy for you: Can you see this picture?

If so, how about in recent posts like this one, or maybe that one?  What about in older posts like this one?  Let me know in comments please!

14 thoughts on “Recovering from the Photoshop picture hosting fiasco? You tell us…

  1. I don’t have any problem seeing the above picture or any of the linked photos. Haven’t had a problem since you fixed it the first time.

    • OK thanks, that is completely new for me. I suspect facebook and the various RSS type blog feeds/readers have the same issue going on. So frustrating. Google Drive is SO much easier to work with than photobucket, but PB didn’t give me these other issues.

  2. The weirdness continues on my end. I can still see all photos directly from the blog. What has gotten weirder in Facebook is now, in addition to not being able to see the photos, this entire latest post isn’t showing up. Anyone else, or is it just me? I’m browsing from my iPad, btw.

    • Oh Virginia, we did not advertise this post on facebook, and for whatever reason various changes over the last year have precluded automatic announcement of posts on our ShellOnWheels facebook, so that may be a completely different issue.

    • Thanks Melvin, we didn’t put this particular post on facebook yet: Rosemarie is neck deep in preps for another market tomorrow and I didn’t bother her with this one. Probably should do so if I want proper feedback though!

  3. I am on my iPad using the Bloglovin app and can’t see your pictures in this post or the previous few. But I can see the ads!

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