Back to Florida for a Big Birthday Bash

In the 2 and 1/2 years of full time RVing we have had some very fortunate “place and date” timing:  We have spent the major Fall and Winter holidays with family in Florida and North Carolina, we have met up with our kin and friends (both old and new) in California, Texas, Oregon, Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Mexico, Iowa, Alabama, and Arizona.  We happened to be on the most convenient coast for vacation flights to England and Hawaii.  We coordinated our return trip down the east coast to be at my Mom’s Red Red Wine birthday bash in 2015, and by pure accident stumbled into the same Texas state park where my Dad and Stepmom were camping earlier this year.

But sometimes that time and place coordination is completely out of phase.  Such is the case for this Summer, when we have three obligations to be in Florida as we worked our way up the opposite coast in Serenity.  In May, Rosemarie flew to Orlando for Linda’s big family  trip to Disney with all three of her sons and grandchildren.  In July she will return for our friend Roseann’s wedding.  And this last month, we both made it back to Coral Springs for Rosemarie’s dad’s 70th birthday party.

It was not the easiest trip we have made.  In addition to the actual flight (on points of course) we had to arrange secure parking for Serenity, a cat sitter for Pad Kee Meow, and off airport parking for Loki.  It all worked out: Travis AFB had a drycamping spot for the duration, the semi-official camp hosts volunteered to take care of kitty, and we saved about $75 stashing the tow vehicle in a Hyatt lot next to SFO for the five day trip.

The event itself was fantastic.  The three daughters coordinated a rousing good party, the only danger was overdoing it (I’m looking at you Dolores).   We had a ridiculous amount of food, an extravagant amount of liquor, and decor appropriate to the occasion which also facilitated some memorable pictures.

It was all too short of a visit, but we needed to get back to California before either the cat sitter and campground rebelled.  We suffered through some flight delays, a stopover in Dallas-Fort Worth that barely allowed us to visit the USO, and a long nighttime drive from SFO to Travis once we finally made it back to the Left Coast.

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