26 Months Fulltiming: February 2017 Report

I promised to catch up ASAP, and we are coming through with three posts in a row.  Of course, these reports, lacking as they do photos, are pretty easy to pump out.  It’s the photos that take the most time; the selection (Rosemarie takes a thousand pictures a month it seems, especially of sunsets,) editing (shouldn’t the photographer do this), and the uploading/embedding (I ran out of free space on WordPress and now have to use the god-awful photobucket interface), are easily the most painful part of any one blog post for me.  Anyway, February:

The Distance: 1 mile again!  Yes, just like in January, all we did was move down the road from one area of Sigsbee Park to another.  This brings our grand total for 2017 up to 2 miles!

Building up some huge mileage this year!

The Places:  Another month at Naval Air Station, Key West.  We finished our full hook up run with three days on The Rock Pile, and spent the remaining 25 in dry camp back in The Circle.  Rosemarie took a solo side trip up to Norfolk, VA to visit Aunt Linda and the array of cousins in the area.  Next month we will finally see some movement as we head out of Florida.

When we hosted the Sigsbee Shuffle

The Budget:   Another great month for us, almost 15% under budget.  Just as in January, the lack of mileage and low daily campground fee really helped, but so did our spending discipline.  We had another very successful craft market, this one on the base itself, which was smartly combined with a major base wide “Family Day” celebration, resulting in the best of the four craft/yard sale event we have experienced on the Naval Air Station.  Finally, we sold a few odds and ends, including a couple of bikes I found left for dead and made minor repairs to such that they were serviceable.  Writing this as I am in March, we are more than pleased that the first two months of 2017 started so well since the third will be waaayyyyy over budget.

The Drama and the Improvements:  Well, our steps, almost fixed by Cambell RV in Sarasota, regressed from sometimes working to never working, and then our 12 Volt system totally crashed.  Our RV neighbor Stan came over and played with it for an hour or more, finally getting the battery isolation solenoid switch to unstick, solving both problems for the time being.  We foresee some additional work on that in the future.

Yet another Sigsbee social event: International Food and Drink Day!

Here is last month’s report, and here are our 2016 and 2015 annual summaries, each of which have embedded links to the individual monthly reports from those years.

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