Kelly Park at Rock Springs Run

Unable to extend at Trimble Park, we secured a four day reservation at nearby Kelly Park, another Orange County park that has its own very special water featuer: Rock Springs Run.  I have fond childhood memories of this place and the crystal clear fast flowing spring and creek.  During a previous stay at Mt Dora we had scoped out this campground as a possible back up to our preferred Trimble Park, and found it quite nice.

The electric and water only sites are the same $23 a night for us non senior, non county residents, which given the location and season is a great deal.  The sites are reasonably spacious and surrounded by greenery, which means they are attractive but also come with the periodic crack of acorns bouncing off your roof.   At least the branches dropping them on us here were a lot closer than the ones at Trimble Park, so the acorns had not achieved terminal velocity to the point that they sound like baseballs hurled at our rig, but they were still a loud annoyance.

As for markets, we returned to the two that worked reasonably well for us in November: Sanford on Saturday and Wekiva Sweetwater on Sunday.  As the last full weekend before Christmas, we had saw a larger than average crowd and sold well, bolstering our budget for the month and getting us that much closer to being on point for the year.  We had hoped to participate in a Friday market in a relatively high end area near Orlando, but after four weeks of working with the market manager we still did not have approval to participate, and had begun to suspect that we were being stiff armed or provided inaccurate updates.  The manager might very well run a great event, but the process of approval is atrocious, an opinion shared by several of the other vendors I discussed the issue with at Wekiva.  Ah well, they can’t all be easy.

The highlight of the stay was the gathering at Anthony and Anita with friends Rosemarie has known for decades but sees to little of these days.  They through a great party, largely to celebrate Lynn beating cancer and Anthony’s successful back surgery, but none of these people needed an excuse to gather together for drinks and food.  Keep on healing Anthony, and consider even obeying your Doc’s post-op orders.

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