17 Months fulltiming: May 2016 report

Wow, last month I was reporting that we had just left Florida, and this monthly we are already in New England!

The Distance: 1467 miles, which nearly double the distance from April, which had been our biggest month of the year until that point.  I doubt we will keep up this nearly 1500 mile per month pace now that we have nearly reached Maine, the wedding there having driven our schedule these last couple of months.  Our total for the year so far: 3053 miles.

The Places:  Eleven locations for this month.  We started off with a four day stop in the immaculately maintained Joint Base Charleston campground to check on The Big Kahuna before continuing up the coast to visit my Mom and Stepdad Tim in Wilmington.  Then it was three days in the Chesapeake region, parked at the Navy’s NorthWest Annex to see Jayson and Linda, before we sprinted west to the Shenandoah National Park (our first NP of the year.)  We cut that visit short by a day to swing back towards D.C. for a whirlwind of visits with friends from my time on USS Carney.  This included a one night stay in the parking lot behind the Centreville Moose Lodge in Fairfax, VA and splitting our four day stay in Annapolis between the Annapolis Moose Lodge and the navy’s campground across the Severn River from the Naval Academy.

After that streak of friends and family, we had two stops just to ourselves, the first at Trap Pond State Park in Delaware, then a short stay at the Naval Weapon Station in Earle, NJ. We closed out the month with a one day stop to see Star and Michael in Mahopac, NY and a five day stay at the navy campground new Newport, RI.

We had full or partial hook ups for 21 days, dry camped for five, and stayed in friend’s or relative’s homes for five.  Broken down by type of park: we stayed in in public campgrounds for seven (3 national, 4 state), in friends/relatives’ driveways, houses, or other property for five, in military camgprounds for seventeen, at moose lodges for two, and didn’t spend a single day in a private RV resort.

The Budget:   We were on track to finish 5% under, but then ended up splitting the cost of a new tire between the May and June budgets, so we finished exactly even.  This was possible only because we sold so many things on Craigslist after pulling the last of our items out of The Big Kahuna in Charleston, and several pieces of Rosemarie’s jewelry at her Etsy store.    It also helped that we kept our campground costs pretty by staying in military sites for so many of the days, and with family and friends for a few.

The Drama:  We had to replace another tire on Serenity, the cost of which will effect our June budget.  We also had some excitement chasing down an electrical problem in New Jersey which took out our inverter and several power outlets, though we solved that one at no cost.

The Improvements:  We have now replaced three of the six tires, and after our working port in Charleston, done a major reorganization of our entire stowage compartments.  nothing significant to report.

All of our monthly reports, as well as our first full year report, 2015 in Review, are linked below.

2016 Reports:

2015 in Review

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