Allegiant Air Update: They came through for us

A few posts back we reported on our mixed experience flying the discount airline Allegiant. We had been quite lucky; learning during our flight to Indianapolis that our’s was one of three flights that day on which every passenger would get there full itinerary costs refunded as a tax day gift from the airline. Fantastic!  Unfortunately on our return trip we waited in the airport for five hours as he flight experienced delay after delay before finally cancelling.  Allegiant rescheduled everyone to the next morning, stated they would reimburse anyone needing a hotel for the night up to a certain amount, and promised to issue $100 vouchers as compensation for the difficulty.

We are happy to report that Allegiant came through on all fronts.  We received our vouchers via email, and the hotel reimbursement check has been cut as well.  While a cancelled flight is always a pain, Allegiant has done right by all of us effected, and we are quite happy with the outcome.

5 thoughts on “Allegiant Air Update: They came through for us

    • Right, and this was sort of a grey area. The delay was the result of some cascading problems that originally started out as weather related, but I am pretty sure that the down the line cancellations had has much to do with Allegiant running things so close to the bone that they could not flex any resources to absorb the demand.

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