Geneva and Gainesville, gradually slicing our way North East towards Georgia.

So before we took our free Allegiant Airlines flight to Indiana, we parked Serenity at Uncle Bob’s and Aunt Terri’s in Geneva, enjoying their company as well as that of the Harlow Brothers, contemporaries of my family’s youth in Coalwood, West Virginia. After a night of imbibing and telling tales out of school, they were kind (and sober) enough to drive us to the Sanford Airport for our flight to Indiana. We covered the next five days pretty thoroughly in our last post, and returned to Florida on a Saturday morning in time to get our rig ready for the drive up to Gainesville.

A day behind our travel plan due to a flight cancellation, we adjusted as best we could, and took our preferred back road scenic route through the Ocala National Forest rather than the longer (by distance) though shorter (by time) back track through Orlando to intersect I-75 North.  Three hours later we pulled into Cousins Robb an Colleen’s place, parking perhaps in violation of HOA or community ordinances in their cul-de-sac.

Our immediate schedule was driven by the need to be in town in time for Andrea and friend Shelby’s joint birthday party.  Which was, of course, themed.  By which I mean, of course, that costumes were”highly encouraged.”  Some people groan at such a thing, but Rosemarie and I love it, and can put together a costume for just a few bucks.  As the theme was “under or on the sea,” Rose threw together a beach snorkeler, and I went as Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic.  Andrea probably won best costume with her smoothly done Aqua(wo)man, but I am pretty sure I took second.  We somehow failed to take any pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it. In lieu of that, here is Andrea and Pad Kee Meow.

We spent the next two days hanging with the twins, Cousins Nola and Maeve, who are so growing into such interesting and fantastic little creatures, and visiting some of Gainesville’s best thrift and coffee shops.  Andrea capped the visit by taking me to The Twisted Peacock, an interesting Indian-modern fusion restaurant.  I can’t speak for Andrea’s vegetarian selection, but my Rogan Josh was quite tasty and the corn bread (!?!) was delicious.

This may very well be our last visit to Gainesville as Andrea is moving to Iowa and Robb and Colleen are also contemplating a move.  If any of them remain, we look forward to visiting again, perhaps staying in one of the nearby state parks, but if not we will see them wherever they end up!