Geocaching Sanibel Island

Warning: this is a geocaching post with esoteric language and explanations that may seem like Greek to the uninitiated.  Don’t feel up to googling it?  Then check out the short explanation at our newly organized Geocaching tab.

During one of our earlier trips to Perwinkle RV Park on Sanibel Island, right at the beginning our fulltime RV adventure, I made note of the incredible density of geocaches there:

The density of Geocaches on Sanibel Island is absurd! Granted, we don’t have a lot of geocache experience, but in the few places we have hunted we encountered nothing like the sheer number of readily accessible caches such as what we encountered on Sanibel.

By way of comparison, I count 115 caches on this 17 square mile island; nearly 7 caches per square mile.  Contrast that with, say, Miami Beach, which has all of 11 caches in 7 square miles, or less than 2 per square mile.  Keeping with Sanibel’s very bicycle friendly infrastructure, many of the caches are specifically designed to be approached on two wheels, located as they are on the island’s many bike trails.  Trying to get to these via car entails either illegally parking or a long walk to each one.

During our two subsequent trips to the island we have added to our Sanibel Geocache total: We’ve now found 77, almost exactly 2/3 of the total there.  A couple more trips and we should clear the place entirely, though the non-traditional caches (multi-stage/way point caches, mystery/puzzle caches, earth caches with questions rather than a physical container) will be far more time consuming.   Here’s a screenshot of our current caching in Sanibel.  The yellow smiley faces are the ones we found, all the other symbols represent those yet to be found.Geocache Sanibel Jan 2016


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