Update to our Geocaching Tab

Continuing our blog overhaul, we have updated our rarely used Geocaching page in order to make it a bit more relevant and useful considering that this is a significant hobby and a surprising number of people find there way here after a geocache related Google search. Now, rather than edit the Geocache page with any new information, we will instead post GC related things on the main Home page, and maintain a link list to these posts on the Geocache page.

The reason for this has to do with the limitations of our free WordPress account, which allows separate posts with their own discreet link addresses only on the main page, whereas the other tabs are limited to simply editing the existing information.  Thus, those that officially follow the blog do not receive an email alert if we add information to them like they do when we post a new entry on the Home page.  That limitation is perfectly acceptable for the rarely updated About Us and Rosemarie’s Etsy tab, and even for the Where Are We Now tab that is more of a convenient reference, but is less useful for the way we want to discuss Geocaching.

So check it out, the newly overhauled Geocaching tab, with a few paragraphs of explanation for the uninitiated at the top, followed by what we think will be a growing link list of relevant posts, followed by the original un-linked entries by date.

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