Update to our Where Are We Now Tab

With the close out review of our 2015 adventure, now is the time to make changes to our current location tab.  If you have not noticed them before, just below the header picture of our Serenity RV is a list of tab buttons that lead to some additional information about our doings, comings, and goings.  In the new and improved Where Are We Now tab (previously titled Where We Are, which seemed grammatically shaky, at best) I have retained the full 2015 map and list of campgrounds there, but have inserted at the top a new travel map and list for 2016.  Check it out, and maybe some of you happen to be in the same general location, so let’s meet up!


4 thoughts on “Update to our Where Are We Now Tab

  1. Hi Jack,
    Not sure how to email you so I thought I would just leave you this note as a comment;-)

    Sure you can use it and no credits needed as I really do very little blogging any more. Just glad you can use the photo;o))

    If you are at Oscar Sherer right now, you are having the great weather we are having here at Myakka;o(( Can’t wait for the rains to end so we can get on with this wonderful life and keep taking photos!!

    How long have you been full-time and where do you call home now and where were you from????

    Nancy and Bill

    • Nancy and Bill,
      We are in Key West now, but the weather is pretty ugly here as well. We have been full time for 13 months, have no fixed address, just one of those RV Mail forwarding addresses in Florida. The last place we called home was Miami Beach. I am a Florida native and Rosemarie is from NYC. Enjoyed reading your blog, already got some ideas from you, such as looking into COE sites that I had forgotten about.
      Warm regards,

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