Coming full circle: Taking the Big Kahuna back to James Island County Park, his first RV Campground

Following additional extravagantly expensive and time consuming repairs in Wilmington, we continued our journey south.  The “new” starter worked great, Kahuna roared to life with no hesitation.  Triple T readily admitted that any transmission work was beyond them, only helping to verify sufficient fluid levels.


Things felt relatively solid as we began the 180 mile journey, with the transmission giving only a slight bit of hesitation on a couple of shifts before settling down into smooth operation.  Relieved, we crossed the border into South Carolina and worked our way to the coast east of Charleston.IMG_6372

We pulled into James Island Country Park, the first place we ever took Kahuna, in the mid afternoon.  The park was as beautiful as we remembered, with the added bonus of a hundred or more sponsored Christmas displays prepared along the park’s circular route as part of their Festival of Lights.  IMG_6360

Our admittedly overpriced nightly stay allowed us to avoid the $15 per vehicle charge to explore this seasonal light show.  The mosquitos were pretty aggressive, so we were only able to explore the evening light show from Loki rather than our bikes, but it was still a great stay.IMG_6373