A cat-centric view of our Norfolk pre-Thanksgiving visit

A bit anxious about yet another breakdown, tow, and pending mechanic bill, we soldiered on towards Norfolk and a three day stay with Titi Linda and Tio Primo Jayson.  Linda is Rosemarie’s aunt, though since she is actually younger the relationship is almost reversed as to who is the aunt and who is niece.  Linda’s husband, Jayson, is still in the navy, approaching the end of his long, varied, and successful career.  We visited them earlier this year in London while they were temporarily assigned there for a season.


Titi Linda and Pad Kee Meow, Behind the Red Curtain.  Sucia

Because of the latest bus drama we got a much later start towards Norfolk than planned, but after nearly five hours we made it safe and sound. Pad Kee Meow spent the entire time on Rosemarie’s lap.IMG_3881


Precious and Pad Kee getting to know each other.

While in Norfolk we hung out with Rafael and Deanna, Linda and Jayson’s close friends and the parents of their godchildren.  Pad Kee Meow got to know Precious, their wonderfully loving and tolerant dog.  The entire weekend was a food fest with lasagna, pernil, and pastelles, along with an extravagant engagement with Jayson’s collection of Scotch, Bourbon, and Irish Whiskey.IMG_3873


After too short a time we headed back south towards Wilmington and our planned feast with my mom and stepdad.  For much of the last decade Rosemarie and I hosted Thanksgiving, having claimed that holiday for ourselves since no one else seemed keen on it.  During those years, and despite the stress of it, we had grown quite fond of the entire event, preparing a full and multi-course meal for up to 17  family and friends.


Now that we are full time RVing we don’t get to host the Thanksgiving, but this year I would at least get to prep my awesome salt-brined and spatchcocked turkey for our four person intimate gathering.  More to follow.


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