Our route back to Florida from Colorado

UPDATED 11/9/15!  Changes marked by line out (deletions) and italics (additions), and the route map has been split into two maps: Colorado to Arkansas in one and Arkansas to Florida in the other.

Our original plan for the year was a clockwise tour of the US following the seasons:

  1. Winter headed west across the south
  2. Spring up the West Coast
  3. Summer rounding the corner headed east across the top of the country with detours into Utah and Colorado
  4. Fall coming down the east coast all the way from Maine to Florida.

We followed this plan for the first two season, but our series of mechanical problems, particularly the nine week breakdown in Colorado, derailed part of the Summer and Fall plan.  Rather than jaunt back north to continue an eastbound run across the top of the country, we are going to have to skip most of New England and intersect the east coast much further south.

Part of the justification is time driven: we need to be in North Carolina for Thanksgiving, and part is weather related: it’s getting too cold to be so far north and we want to minimize the chances of getting snowed in.  As we neared the end of our stay in Greeley, we started to solidify some of the details for this revised route back to Florida.  In very general terms, we planned to go about 400 miles east, then 500 miles south, then east again all the way to the Atlantic in North Carolina. Specifically, it looked like this: Half way through the journey and the route taken already looks like this:

  • Chimney Rock Pioneer Crossing, Nebraska for two nights
  • One Two night stop in middle Nebraska. Sunny Meadows RV Park and the parking lot across from Flatwater Repair in nearby Overton.
  • Waubonsie State Park, Hitchcock Nature Center, Iowa for three nights
  • Interstate Powersystems, Omaha, NE for four nights
  • Clinton State Park, Kansas for two or three
  • Roaring Rapids State Park, Missouri for two or three
  • Natural Falls State Park, Oklahoma for three one
  • Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas for three four

And the part we have yet to take, at least as of this 11/9/15 update, should end up sort of like this:

  • One night stop in west Tennessee
  • Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky for two
  • Chattanooga Tennessee for five days of mostly electrical work
  • Uncertain path continuing through Tennessee to Wilmington North Carolina via either South Carolina or Virginia
  • Great Smokey Mountains National Park for two
  • Congaree National Park for three
  • One night stop in north central part of North Carolina
  • Norfolk, VA for four
  • Wilmington, NC for four 
  • South to Florida mostly long the coast (not shown on map, ran out of points I could connect in google route planning)
  • Charleston, SC for three
  • Jekyll Island, GA for three
  • Gamble Rogers State Park, FL for five

As they say in the military, in battle the first casualty is “the plan,” and true to form, ours has already changed.  We were delayed a bit getting through Nebraska, changed our Iowa stop, and may end up skipping the Chattanooga repairs if what we are doing now in Nebraska solves most of the problems.  I will keep this map embedded here to refer back to in future posts as the plan continues to evolve.

8 thoughts on “Our route back to Florida from Colorado

  1. Hot Springs, AR is a good choice (I’m an Arkansan). Several really pretty lakes and the downtown is very scenic. Be sure to tour the historic bath house. Where are you planning to stay?

    • Juie, while I have researched and selected first and second choices for the specific RV park or public campground during our stops in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, I have not gotten beyond those three states. Until we resolve our current mechanical work here in Omaha, I’m not too worried about nailing down the specifics, but we are certainly open to suggestions.

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