A Fantastic Day in Loveland

In our last post we mentioned getting our tow rig installation done in Loveland, Colorado.  Since this was a complicated process, we had to spend the majority of the day there waiting.  Rosemarie located the nearest library, less than five blocks away. where we spent a couple of hours using their wifi.

We didn't make it to he east coast in time to see the leaves change, but Loveland is making up for it.

We didn’t make it to the east coast in time to see the leaves change, but Loveland is making up for it.

Later that morning we learned that a local nature sanctuary was conducting an educational program on nocturnal hunters, complete with live snakes and three different owl species.  So we joined the preschoolers and parents for what turned out to be a pretty cool event.

One of three owls at the presentation

One of three owls at the presentation

Afterwards we wandered the attractive downtown area examining the various restaurant menus before choosing Henry’s for bison meatloaf, elk and boar sausages, a glass of wine and a local IPA.  More than we planned to spend, but it was a great meal.

With plenty of time still to kill, we located Crow Hop, a local brewery just blocks from Kirby’s.  We sampled a flight of their flagship offerings.  Though only around for couple of years, they have already garnered several medals in significant beer events.  Their IPA was, not surprisingly, my favorite.

After a half hazard attempt at geocaching, we got called back to Kirby’s, the tow work complete and Loki ready to pick up.  All in all a very pleasant day, much better than just sitting in the mechanic shop’s lobby.  At least until the Sea Witch got me.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

6 thoughts on “A Fantastic Day in Loveland

    • Just crossed into Iowa, but headed back to Omaha tomorrow to get a fuel issue looked into. You have the rest of the year right. As for next year, we are talking about going counterclockwise, leaving FL in April and heading for New England.

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