Nine Months Fulltiming: September 2015 Report

Yes, this report is two weeks late, but with the flurry of posts associated with our road trip from Florida to Colorado, we are actually almost caught up!  After this report and tomorrow’s entry on our time in Greeley, Colorado, you will be completely up to date with our travels.

The Distance: 0 miles!  Or rather, zero miles with The Big Kahuna, but if you take into account our road trip in Loki, we drove 830 miles during the first three legs of our eventual 2700 mile trek from South Florida to Colorado.  In Florida we went from Coral Springs to Geneva to Gainesville, and then pushed on to Wilmington, NC.  Total (Big Kahuna) distance for the year remains 11,384 miles.

The Places:  We spent a few days in Coral Springs, a quick trip over to Venice on the Gulf Coast, then back to Coral Springs, up to Geneva in Central Florida, further north to Gainesville, and finally on to Wilmington, NC.  We stayed with family for 29 days and spent one night in a hotel.

The Budget:  Finally another month under budget!  Thanks to all the family who hosted us this month we kept our costs below budget despite aggressively using the month back in Florida to catch up on medical and dental appointments.  We ended up 6% under for the month, though admittedly that does no include the $3800 (plus tax, tag and title) we spent to purchase our tow vehicle Loki, for which I took out a short term signature loan, the repayments of which will count against future monthly budgets until paid off.

The Drama:  No actual new drama to report, just the ongoing problems with the repairs to The Big Kahuna in Colorado.  The transmission rebuild in California took longer than expected (surprise!) in terms of finding the right place to do the rebuild, the shipping to CA, and the actual work while there. Other than that a pretty drama free month!

The Improvements:  As mentioned multiple times, we bought a tow vehicle!  That’s pretty much it, but that’s a big one.

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