New Windshield!

Have I mentioned that we like national parks?  Would the fifteen we have visited during this trip provide some indication of that?  But just in case we have been unclear: we love national parks. Not to the exclusion of other options, but all things being equal we will usually head for a national parks as our primary destinations, and aside from visiting family, they tend to define our route.  Thus Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) was high on our list, a must see for Colorado.

You can see the major crack to the left of Rosemarie's foot, and the "bullet hole" above her foot in the clouds

Major crack to the left of Rosemarie’s foot, and the “bullet hole” above her foot in the clouds

But first we had to get to Greeley, where we had arranged with our insurance company, Progressive, to have a new windshield shipped.  It turns out that if you have insurance based in Florida, state law mandates repair or replacement of windshields with no deductible!  The Big Kahuna had two major chips, and due to an embarrassing and dangerous braking incident that I will leave a mystery, at least in this venue, we also had recently developed a major multi-legged crack nearly two feet long.  Since we are regular readers of Technomadia, full time RVers in a vintage GM bus just like ours, we new about the FL insurance replacement law and how to go about getting it done.

Another view of the damage. "Bullet hole" above the mountain to the left of the road

Another view of the damage. “Bullet hole” above the mountain to the left of the road

The Technomads had educated us on the best way to source the windshield (surprisingly easy due to how many different bus models had the same glass), and what to look out for in terms of installation.  Progressive didn’t bat an eye, correctly applying the law to our policy, and worked with us to arrange shipping and installation based on our route and timing.  We have become big fans of Progressive this year, and by way of foreshadowing they would come through for us again a week after the windshield replacement.  Moffat Glass

As arranged, we pulled into Moffat Glass and Paint late Thursday morning, and the job was done half an hour later with not a dollar spent!  Fantastic, clear, perfect new glass, finally free of the annoying “bullet hole” chip that interfered with Rosemarie’s front facing road pictures.

New, crack and chip free windshield

New, crack and chip free windshield

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