Seven Months Fulltiming: July 2015 Report

Yes, we have fallen a month behind on this blog, but rapid updates coming, hopefully one per day over this next week to catch up.

The Distance: 2320 miles, one of our longer months.  We went all out in July, crossing into Idaho, Wyoming, back to Idaho, deep into Utah before finally ending up on Colorado.  We did this big mileage run despite being broken down in between Yellowstone and Grand Teton for three days, another four in Idaho for non-emergency maintenance and repairs, and three days in Salina for coolant system work. Total distance for the year: 11,002 miles.

The Places:  We hit 14 places in July!  I suppose some would count that lower, perhaps combining our initial one night breakdown spot at the Yellowstone Snake River ranger station with the two night stay at the Flagg River Resort parking area once the mechanic towed us that two miles. Same with combining the one night stay at the Blackfoot fairgrounds with our three night stay in the Blackfoot Super 8 since that was all for the purpose of getting repairs done.  But aside from those, we hit the wonderful Salmon River in Idaho, Yellowstone National Park, two campgrounds in Grand Teton National Park, a nice private park in Wasatch, UT, Zion National Park, a quick stay over in Salina for the coolant repair, two campgrounds in Moab while visiting Arches and Canyonlands National Park, and finally Black Canyon of the Gunnisons National Park.  We had full hookups for 18 days, power only for 2, stayed in a hotel for 3, and drycamped for 8.

The Budget:  Ah well, not every month works out, and after staying well under budget in June we blew it this month, going 35% over. A lot diesel for the high mileage run, some pricey areas and expensive new footwear for me added up quick.

The Drama:  Oh so much drama!  The catastrophic roadside breakdown in Yellowstone resulting in a ludicrous mobile repair bill was the worst of it, but our coolant problem in Utah resulting in another, thankfully short and easy, mobile mechanic continued our mechanical nightmares.

The Improvements:  Our brakes work amazing now!  Our new flex shaft is incredibly solid, and we learned so much about our coolant system, allowing us to handle even long steep up hill runs on hot days in high altitude.

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