Jantzen Beach RV Park, Portland, OR

We have written a little about Jantzen Beach RV Park, mainly in the context of getting our bathroom remodel done while in Portland, but have never actually reviewed the place.

The park is high end, and one of the few very centrally located within easy mass transit distance to downtown Portland.  During our eleven day stay we benefited from a weekly rate of $199 four our first seven days and a Good Sam/AAA rate of $31.50 per day for the additional four we stayed, which for the quality and location of the park seems very reasonable.  It is very well managed, with clean everything, manicured landscaping, good condition roads and sites, and three pools.  It is full service, with power, water, sewer, cable TV (requires hooking up a digital/analog converter box), and free wifi via Tengonet, though it was completely unusable for half our stay due to a couple of down access points.

Our spacious site

Our spacious site

They run a tight ship, zealously guarding access to the pools (must have your pass), and changing the shower and laundry codes weekly.  Apparently they have had problems with non residents using the pools and facilities. Given how stringently they enforced the pool access, I expected some problems from the amount of renovation work I had going on for nearly our entire eleven day stay, but since we were at the very back of the park and I did my best to befriend the immediate neighbors and let them know what I was doing, we had no complaints.

Beautiful trees and landscaping

Beautiful trees and landscaping

The park is pet friendly, has excellent Verizon reception, is within walking distance of a small grocery, Target, Home Depot, Michaels, Ross, and various other stores without it feeling like you were in the middle of a strip mall area at all.  Within biking distance are several restaurants and the riverside.  The people were very friendly, many of them seasonal or long term, to the point that a number of them had established beautiful gardens in the areas in or near their spacious sites, even taking to watering the lawns with their own sprinklers and hoses.

Nearby waterfront

Nearby waterfront

If there is any ding on the park it would be the multi-day wifi outage.  Even though this problem was present before my arrival, they did not inform me of it, even while providing me the Tengonet access certificates and instructions.  Once it was up it was better than “RV Park Typical” but still far short of a good quality hotel wifi, with very slow speeds during peak hours.

Another view of the big site we had in the rear of the park

Another view of the big site we had in the rear of the park.  Unlike several nearby, I didn’t water the park lawn or set up a garden, so trust me that many of the other sites were quite a bit more beautiful.

Bottom line, this was a great park, especially for the price and location.  If we have need for an RV park in Portland again, this is almost certainly where we will stay.

Rosemarie and Big Kahuna with the old paint

Rosemarie and Big Kahuna with the old paint

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