Leaving Florida: Grayton Beach State Park to the Gulf Shores of Alabama

Bay Breeze RV on the Bay:  Yesterday, with but a little bit of drama involving a runaway hubcap, we left Grayton Beach State Park and headed west across the FL-AL border along the coast near the barrier islands.  We are barely in Alabama, maybe eight miles beyond the FL line, but we have officially left Florida until next Winter.  We are staying in a fantastic little private park, Bay Breeze RV on the Bay.  It has only 25 spots right on the inner bay, but the welcome and support from both the managers and seasonal residents is like nothing we have encountered.  The reservations, made only by phone, were smooth. Hours before we arrived the managers called to check on our status, and upon arrival one of them personally walked us down to the spot and provided maneuvering directions to back in perfectly, even offering to get us leveling blocks if we felt it necessary.  After we settled in they brought us our forwarded mail.  Most of the residents gather each late afternoon for a small bonfire, cocktails, and conversation.

The Board Meeting

The Board Meeting

It is a bit out from any sort of town, i.e., there is nothing in the way of stores or restaurants within biking distance, but a local car rental will provide a vehicle for $20 per day, and the managers even offered to drop us off at their rental lot.  The bay, at least so far during our stay, has been incredibly tranquil with very glassy waters and magnificent evening sky colors.  If the weather holds, tomorrow we may go through the trouble of setting up our little inflatable dinghy and electric outboard.

The dock in the birght of day...

The dock right behind our site in the bright of day…

... and as dusk falls.

… and as dusk falls.

Grayton Beach State Park: We spent three days at this great panhandle state park. The weather was a bit chilly and windy so we did not get to enjoy the beach as much as we would have liked.  It is worth comparing this sort of North Florida beach park to something like St George Island, one of our recent previous stays.

Comming up over the dunes to the beach

Comming up over the dunes to the beach

The beaches here are not quite as impressive in raw natural beauty as St George, but the location is far more accessible to town on bike or walking: less than a mile from our site to the nearest coffee shops and oyster bar.

Around the World Oyster Sampler and carft beer from Hurricane Oyster Bar

Around the World Oyster Sampler and carft beer from Hurricane Oyster Bar

The park offers two loops for campers, the lower numbered loop is hard pack dirt with signficant potholes and rather narrow sites, but with lots of thick vegetation between each spot, offering privacy.  The higher numbered loop is paved with slightly more spacious sites though with less vegetation.  The bath house and laundry facility was clean with lots of hot water.  It was a toss up for us whether to stay here or at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park; perhaps next year we will be able to provide a direct comparison.

Our back yard during this stay

Our back yard during this stay

8 thoughts on “Leaving Florida: Grayton Beach State Park to the Gulf Shores of Alabama

  1. That Bay Breeze RV on the Bay sounds like a nice friendly park where the people who work that go out of the way to make everyone’s stay a little more personal. Unfortunately you don’t see that often enough in many businesses anymore.

    The sunset picture with the dock looks really inviting!


  2. Ruth, so true. But when you find a place that goes so far above service expectations it can turn an otherwise ambivilent customer into a loyal patron. Alabama is just a convenient stop in route west, but having enjoyed this place so much I can readily see us going a bit out of our way next Spring when we head back out of Florida. And as a minimum, we will give them a 5 star review on Trip Adviser and Yelp.

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