Paying the Piper: 104 Gallons of Diesel

I last filled up the Big Kahuna in the summer, at what was probably peak gas prices.  Since then we have travelled nearly 900 miles, including the weekend trips during the fall and the last two weeks of our full time journey.  As all RVers must, this week we finally had to cringe at the pump and fill up the enormous tank.  Thank goodness for the plummeting gas prices, because of which we were able to pay less than $3 per gallon, further offset by a our 5% cash back Chase Freedom card and another 1 cent per gallon credit with our Flying J/Pilot rewards program.  I anticipate we will be filling the 125 gallon tank a bit more than once per month this year, making diesel one of our primary expenses. The good news is that we appear to be getting about 8.8 miles per gallon; not bad for a 20,000 pound behemoth.

Pilots, Flying Js, Love’s, and other trucker oriented stations are incredibly convenient for those of us driving big rigs in other than commercial capacities.  They have reasonable prices, large pull through filling stations, and amenities geared toward the long distance driver.  After filling up I took advantage of the $10 haircut barber shop before getting back in the bus to finish our trip to Venice.  Hard to beat that value.

2 thoughts on “Paying the Piper: 104 Gallons of Diesel

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