It’s A Life, Not A Permanent Vacation

One of the lessons rather frequently repeated by full time RVers, even those not trying to earn a living on the road, is that you are not on permanent vacation, you have merely switched all the responsibilities associated with maintaining a home with those associated with maintaining a moving home, and that arguabley the latter are far more demanding. Too wit: In our first week of full timing we had the following “chores” to occupy our time:
Day 1: Last two hours of packing, 7 hour drive to Key West, two hour set up and generator fight.
Day 2: Move to dry camping spot, 2 hour set up and (successful) generator fight round 2.
Day 3: Swap refrigerator doors to the correct opening side, complete removal of everything from the main storage compartment, reorganize and restow.
Day 4: I’m sure there was something. Several somethings.
Day 5: Disconnect and ready for road travel, dump waste tanks, move to new campground at Bahia Honda, set up site, along with another session of “restow the storage compartments” in order to fit the new bathroom counter top underneath rather than in the bus. It is awaiting further attention once we have the cabinet to mount it on. Prepare for the storm of the Nieves clan arrival.
Day 6: Move sites again (take down and reset up in new site), hunt down leak under sink and try to fix.
Day 7: Move sites again (take down and reset up), another round of find the leak under the sink, and restore the combing around the microwave that I disturbed during the refrigerator door fiasco.

Since then we have moved campgrounds once again, even playing the “restow the under-bus storage compartments” game one more time. Until we have more experience and manage to purge a few more items, that may be an unfortunately frequent item on our “to do” list.

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